Eric Stocker is a singer-songwriter and record producer based in Shutesbury, Massachusetts. Eric records as a solo artist as well as with the band “Dad, Come Home” on Cooleyville Records. 

Eric’s first solo record Stroke of Luck was released in 2014. In true Eric Stocker fashion, this record leans toward country but doesn’t hold back on giving the occasional “Stocker Rocker”. This album reached a broad audience and his track “Count the Days” was featured on the popular Netflix series, Bloodline, in 2017. His second record, It’s About Time hit the scene in 2020, followed by his newest release Heard Immunity in 2022. Heard Immunity breaks away from Eric’s classic country rock roots he is known for and offers a more diverse, explorative listening experience. Produced by Eric and Max Cohen, the album has received rave reviews and promises more to come. This, along with all his work is available at www.cooleyvillerecords.bandcamp.com

When not making music, Stocker is busy being a loving father and husband. He is an active community member, working and volunteering in Shutesbury’s local government and currently a member of Shutesbury Selectboard.

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